About us


We believe that the strength of our program is in the dedication of our teaching staff. We support our teachers with training, resources, and freedom to create a unique learning experience for children. We provide many opportunities for teachers to share ideas and grow professionally. Our teachers create a caring and nurturing atmosphere and foster each child’s creativity and positive self-image.

We believe in positive methods of discipline. We establish consistent, age-appropriate limits to help children function in their world. Our programs are designed to develop in children a sense of independence and responsibility. We desire to strengthen each child’s own cultural identity, while instilling a respect for others who might be different.

We believe parents are the most significant adults in a child’s life. We strive to create mutual respect between parents and teachers: a partnership for the benefit of the child. We encourage daily communication between parents and center staff. Our doors are open to parents at all times. Solid Rock values people: the children in our care, their parents, and our employees. We continually work to earn the trust placed in us. We strive each day to be the best provider of early childhood educational services in the community we serve.



The school’s mission is to provide and insure that young children have opportunities to learn, grow, develop, enjoy, and experience in a well-planned, developmentally appropriate and caring environment.


A. The teachers will plan and guide the child in developmentally appropriate activities.
B. The teachers will demonstrate caring, nurturing, and respectful attitudes toward the child.
C. The teachers will plan and guide activities to help the whole child to develop – emotionally, socially, cognitively, linguistically, and through movement and creative expressions.
D. The teachers will recognize and accept individual differences in the children.
E. The child will have opportunities to develop and grow and to experience learning (hands-on activities) for him/her self at school.
F. The child will feel positive about his/her self and what he/she learns.